Datamax-O'neil E-Class Mark II Thermal Transfer Desktop Label Printer

Datamax-O'neil E-Class Mark II Desktop Label Printer

The E-Class Mark II is a small, cost effective thermal transfer desktop label printer designed for businesses of all sizes that need a reliable tag or label printer for their mission critical operations.  The E-Class desktop label printer has a flexible design which allows it to fit in a wide variety of applications.


Many ticketing operations do not need a high volume printer or have their ticket printing needs spread out.  Some need a backup printer just in case their main printer goes down.  In either situation, the Datamax-O'neil E-Class desktop label printer is a low cost investment that solves these problems.  Additionally, the Datamax-O'neil E-Class label printer has options like cutters, thermal transfer, internal Ethernet or WiFi, and emulations that allow it to fit in any ticketing application.

The Datamax-O'neil E-Class Desktop Label Pritner is Reliable and Cost Effective