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Wireless Site Surveys


Dead Spots?
Slow Connections?
Dropped Sessions?
Addition of Mobile devices?

It may be time for a wireless site survey.
A proper site survey can save your company time and money.
visit wirelesssitesurveys.bciincorporated.com
for more information.


Wireless Data Collection and Bar Code Solutions

Bar Code Integrators, Inc. (BCI) provides fully integrated wireless data collection, RFID and bar code solutions for a wide variety of markets in the local Chicago-land area as well as across the United States. BCI offers complete systems integration from the initial planning stages, through development, implementation, training, and ongoing support.

BCI provides data collection solutions for various manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and distribution companies. Clients continually turn to BCI to design, install and upgrade their wireless infrastructure, implement complete bar code solutions, utilize RFID technology, optimize label printing, replace/service outdated hardware, and much more.

IP Video Surveillance Provider

BCI has partnered with Axis Communications to provide a wide portfolio of professional IP video surveillance products. With a robust offering of Axis security cameras, video encoders, accessories, and access control products, BCI is able to provide additional IP video solutions that can complement our wireless networking and data collection offering.